Be In The Know: What Golf Clubs Do The Pros Use? (2024)

Last Updated on December 27, 2023

Are you curious about what golf clubs the pros use? Professional golfers are always striving for a competitive edge, so they often have access to the highest quality clubs available. But which brands do they trust most when it comes to their own game? In this blog post, we’ll explore exactly what goes into a pro golfer’s bag – from driver heads to putters – as well as why certain club manufacturers remain popular among top players. So if you’ve ever wondered, “what golf clubs do the pros use?”, then read on.

Table of Contents:

  • The Most Popular Golf Clubs Among Pros
  • What’s in the Bag?
    • Driver:
    • Fairway Woods:
    • Wedges:
  • The Best Brands for Professional Golfers
    • TaylorMade:
    • Callaway:
    • Titleist:
  • Golf Club Technology: What Pros Look For
  • FAQs in Relation to What Golf Clubs Do the Pros Use
    • What type of clubs do pro golfers use?
    • What type of clubs do most pros use?
    • What brand clubs are most used on the PGA Tour?
    • What 14 clubs do pros carry?
  • Conclusion

The Most Popular Golf Clubs Among Pros

Pros understand the nuances of golf clubs, seeking out those that will maximize their performance. From the type of club head and shaft material to the design features, professionals are always on the hunt for the best equipment that will help them perform at their peak.

The most popular golf clubs among pros are those that offer the highest levels of performance, accuracy and distance. To gain insight into the clubs utilized by professional golfers, let’s analyze their gear selections.

What’s in the Bag?

The pro golfers on the tour have a range of different clubs in their bags. But what are they? And why do they use them? Let’s explore some of the most widely used and successful golf clubs by professional players.


The driver is one of the longest and most important clubs in any golfer’s bag, especially for pros. It’s designed to hit off the tee with maximum distance and accuracy, so it needs to be light enough to swing quickly but also powerful enough to generate lots of power. Drivers come in many shapes, sizes, and lofts; pros typically choose drivers with large heads (460cc or more) that have low spin rates and high launch angles for increased distance.

Fairway Woods:

Fairway woods are often used when hitting from the fairway or rough as they can provide more control than a driver due to their smaller head size (typically between 200-220cc). Pros tend to opt for fairway woods with lower lofts (7-9 degrees) which will help them get extra yardage off the tee without sacrificing accuracy too much. They’ll also usually choose lightweight shafts made from graphite or other composite materials, which allow them to swing faster while still maintaining control over their shots.

Pros usually prefer mid-irons, such as 4i through 8i to long irons, like 2i or 3i, since these provide better trajectory control. This gives them more options when playing approach shots into greenside bunkers and other tricky scenarios, giving them a leg up on amateurs who may be flummoxed in similar situations. By opting for cavity back irons with their larger sweet spot area, they can hit consistent shots time after time while still maintaining accuracy and precision.


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Wedges are invaluable tools that give pros added spin control around greensides hazards such as sand traps or water features – something every professional must master if they want success on tour. Forged wedges offer a greater feel compared with cast wedges; however, both types should feature grooves along their face so that players can impart extra backspin onto balls when required during delicate chip & run type shots around green complexes where stopping power is key.

Putters don’t get nearly enough credit but make no mistake about it – putter selection is crucial if you want success on tour. Professional putters generally prefer mallet style putters over blades as these provide greater stability through impact, thanks largely due to their wider profile shape; this makes mis-hits less likely, meaning fewer three puts per round. Mallet style putters often come equipped with alignment aids built into their design too, helping golfers line up perfect strokes each time. This really pays dividends to come tournament day.

The bag of professional golfer is filled with the best clubs and equipment to help them play their game. Moving on, we will explore what brands are favoured by these professionals for optimal performance.

The Best Brands for Professional Golfers

When it comes to golf clubs, professional players have their preferences. The brands they choose often come down to the technology and features of the club as well as personal preference. Here’s a look at some of the most popular brands among pros:


TaylorMade is one of the top names in golf equipment, and many professionals rely on its clubs for consistent performance. Their drivers are known for having an impressive launch angle, which helps generate more distance off the tee. They also offer irons with advanced forgiveness technology that helps reduce spin rates and improve accuracy when hitting approach shots into greens.


Callaway has been making quality golf clubs since 1982 and continues to be one of the most trusted brands by tour pros today. Their drivers feature adjustable hosels that allow players to fine-tune their settings for maximum performance on each shot. Callaway’s fairway woods are renowned for providing extra distance from tight lies or difficult lies in rough terrain while still maintaining accuracy off every shot.


Titleist has long been a staple brand among PGA Tour professionals thanks to its innovative designs and superior craftsmanship across all types of clubs. Its drivers feature lightweight construction that provides more power behind each swing without sacrificing control over direction or trajectory, making them ideal for experienced players looking for an edge on longer drives from tee boxes or fairways alike.

Their irons offer exceptional feel along with enhanced ball speed through improved face design so you can hit your target consistently even when conditions aren’t ideal out on the course. Finally, Titleist wedges provide an increased spin rate around greens so you can stop your ball closer to pin placements than ever before.

Top-tier golfers seek out the combination of quality, performance and affordability that make certain brands their go-to. Yet, technology’s significance in the selection of golf clubs by professionals mustn’t be disregarded; let us delve deeper into what they demand.

Golf Club Technology: What Pros Look For

Golf clubs have seen a surge in innovation lately, and pros are making sure to capitalize on the improved technology. From new materials to innovative designs, modern clubs offer pros more control over their shots than ever before.

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When it comes to selecting equipment, professional golfers tend to favour certain brands like Titleist for its consistent quality, Callaway for its cutting-edge designs, TaylorMade for reliable distance drivers and Mizuno with their forged irons designed with feedback from tour pros. Titleist is known for its consistent quality across all products, while Callaway offers cutting-edge design with its Big Bertha drivers and other technologically advanced models. TaylorMade is renowned for producing reliable distance drivers, while Mizuno specializes in forged irons designed with feedback from tour pros themselves. Finally, Ping has been a leader in creating customizable options so each player can tailor his/her equipment precisely how they want it without sacrificing any performance benefits along the way.

Modern golfers strive to maximize their performance on the course, and selecting equipment that caters to their specific swing can help them achieve this goal. With advances like adjustable weights and lofts combined with high-tech materials used by leading manufacturers today, hitting those long drives down the fairway has never been easier. By understanding exactly what type of club suits your swing best, you’ll be able to maximize your potential off every tee box, whether you’re competing at Augusta National or putting around your local course on Saturday morning.

Key Takeaway: Pros are taking full advantage of the latest golf club technology, with many opting for custom-made clubs tailored to their individual needs and playing style. The most popular brands among pros include Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, Mizuno and Ping – all offering different levels of performance so that players can “fine tune” their game down to the last detail.

FAQs in Relation to What Golf Clubs Do the Pros Use

What type of clubs do pro golfers use?

Golfers usually assemble a collection of clubs to fit their playing technique and the golf course they’re on. Most commonly, pros will carry a driver, fairway woods (3-5), hybrids (2-4), irons (6-9), plus wedges and a putter. Drivers offer maximum distance off the tee, while fairway woods provide more accuracy than drivers at shorter distances. Hybrids combine features from both woods and irons for added versatility in different shots. Irons help control trajectory and spin when hitting into greens, while wedges can be used for short approach shots or around the green with more precision than an iron shot would allow. Finally, putters are designed specifically to roll the ball accurately over short distances on the putting surface towards your target hole location.

What type of clubs do most pros use?

The majority will carry a driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons (3-9) and wedges (pitching wedge through lob wedge). Some may also include long irons such as 2 or 1 iron for added distance off the tee or when hitting into tight spaces on the course. Pros are consistently trying out distinct club sets to enhance their play and determine what fits them best.

What brand clubs are most used on the PGA Tour?

The most popular brand of clubs used on the PGA Tour is Titleist. According to a survey conducted in 2023, Titleist was the preferred choice for professional golfers, with nearly 40% using their clubs. The second most popular brand was Callaway at around 28%, followed by TaylorMade at 19%. These three brands have been dominant on tour for years and continue to be so today due to their quality and performance.

What 14 clubs do pros carry?

Pros typically carry 14 clubs in their bag, including a driver, 3-wood, 5-wood, 2 hybrids (or 4 and 5 iron), 6 through 9 irons, pitching wedge, sand wedge and putter. The driver is used to hitting the ball long distances off of tee boxes, while the fairway woods are best for shots from the rough or fairway. Hybrids replace traditional long irons, which can be difficult to hit consistently. Irons are designed for hitting approach shots into greens as well as out of bunkers or other hazards. Wedges help golfers get more spin on short shots around the green, and putting with a putter helps keep scores low by holing out more often than not.


The world of professional golf is always evolving, and the clubs that pros use are no exception. As technology advances, so do the golf clubs used by top players in tournaments around the globe. To get a competitive edge on your competition, it’s important to understand what type of equipment is being used by today’s professionals when they tee off with their question, “ what golf clubs do the pros use”. With all this information at hand, you can make an informed decision about which club will help you hit longer drives and lower scores. So next time you’re shopping for new gear or replacing old ones – consider what brand and model could give your game a boost.

Be In The Know: What Golf Clubs Do The Pros Use? (2024)


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