Dodge Ram 2500 2020 Fuse Box (2024)

Fuse/Relay N°RatingFunctions180ARad Fan Control Module – If Equipped (DS 1500 Only)260AABS Pump Motor (HD Only)360ARad Fan – If Equipped450A400W Inverter – If Equipped (HD Only)5


50A (Special Services Vehicle (SSV))

Compressor for Air Suspension – If Equipped640A

ABS Pump Motor (DS 1500 Only)

Steering Torque Overlay Module (STOM) (HD Only)

740AStarter Solenoid8

20A (DS 1500 LD/Cummins Diesel)


NOX Sensor – If Equipped

Aux Relay Output- SSV Only

940A (SSV & Cummins Diesel)Aux Relay Output / Diesel Fuel Heater – If Equipped930ABrake Vacuum Pump – If Equipped (HD Only)1040ABody Controller / Exterior Lighting #21130APWR - Trailer Tow Electric Brake Batt Feed – If Equipped (DS 1500 Only)1140ABrake System Module (ECU and Valves) (HD Only)1240ABody Controller #31340ABlower Motor1440ABody Controller #4 / Exterior Lighting15



Power Side Steps – If Equipped (HD Only)

Extra Fuse - SSV Only

1630ASmart-Bar Module – If Equipped (HD Only)1730AWinch Control Module – If Equipped (HD Only)19

20A (DS 1500 LD Diesel)

30A (Cummins Diesel)

SCR – If Equipped2030APassenger Door Module2130ADrive Train Control Module2220AEngine Control Module GPEC / Heavy Duty / Other – If Equipped2225A (Cummins Diesel)PCM – If Equipped2330ACBC Feed # 12430ADriver Door Module2530AFront Wiper2630AAntilock Brakes / Stability Control Module / Valves – If Equipped (DS 1500 Only)2820ATrailer Tow Backup Lights – If Equipped2920ATrailer Tow Parking Lights – If Equipped3030ATrailer Tow Receptacle / Trailer Tow (Separate E-Brake)/Trailer Tow (BUX)3130ADiesel Heater Control – If Equipped (DS 1500 LD Diesel)3120AAux App SSV Only - If Equipped32-Aux Feed, Special Services Vehicle-If Equipped (DS 1500 Only)3320A

Trans Control Module – If Equipped (HD Only)

Aux Feed, SSV Only (DS 1500 Only)

3430AVehicle System Interface Module #2 – If Equipped (HD Only) SSV (DS 1500 Only)3530ASunroof – If Equipped3630AElectric Back Light – If Equipped3730AFuel Heater #2, Aux Relay 2 – If Equipped (HD Only) SSV (DS 1500 Only)3830AIntegrated Trailer Brake Module – If Equipped (HD Only) Power Inverter 115V AC – If Equipped (DS 1500 Only)3920APower Outlet – SSV Only4010AVentilated Seats – If Equipped (HD Only)4110AActive Grille Shutter / Active Air Dam – If Equipped4220AHorn4315AHeated Steering Wheel – If Equipped (HD Only)4410ADiagnostic Port4610AUpfitters Relay Coil – If Equipped (HD Only) Spare (DS 1500 Only)4910AInstrument Panel Cluster / HVAC (DS 1500 Only) Instrument Cluster / MOD CSG (HD Only)5020AAir Suspension Control Module – If Equipped5110AIgnition Node Module / Keyless Ignition Node Module, Radio Frequency Hub Module / Electric Steering Column Lock - If Equipped525ABattery Sensor5320ATrailer Tow – Left Turn/Stop Lights - If Equipped5420ANon Memory Adjustable Pedals - If Equipped5615AAdditional Diesel Content - If Equipped (DS 1500 Only)5610AFuel Vapor Blocker Valve - If Equipped (HD Only)5720ATCM/PCM / Solenoid Trans Pressure SW (RFE Trans Only) – If Equipped (HD Only) Transmission (DS 1500 Only)5810ABed Lighting (LED) – If Equipped (HD Only)6015AUnderhood Lamp / TCM – If Equipped (DS 1500 Only)6110AUREA Sensor / PM Sensor – If Equipped (DS 1500 LD Diesel & Cummins Diesel)6210AAir Conditioning Clutch6320AIgnition Coils (Gas), Ignition Coils Capacitors (Gas) / Short Runner Valve Actuator / Urea Heater Control Unit (DS 1500 LD Diesel) / RLY Coil Feed-SCR (DS 1500 LD Diesel)6425AFuel Injectors / Powertrain Control Module / SRV – If Equipped6510AMOD Inverter (Wake Up) / Power Port / USB IP / WCPM – If Equipped (HD Only) Spare (DS 1500 Only)6610ASunroof / Light and Rain Sensor Module / Inside Rearview Mirror / Passenger Window SW / USB Port Rear / Feed for R/A RLY #2 Coil – If Equipped6710ACD / DVD / UCI Port – If Equipped (HD Only) Bluetooth Hands-Free Module / CD – If Equipped (DS 1500 Only)6810AAEB RACAM HTR – If Equipped (HD Only)6915ASCR Module – If Equipped (HD Only)7030AFuel Pump Motor / K09 RLY Coil Feed (Cummins Diesel) – If Equipped7125AAmplifier / Active Noise Cancelation – If Equipped (HD Only)7210APCM / DC/DC Converter Voltage– If Equipped (DS 1500 Only)7320AFuel Transfer Pump (Rear Tank) – If Equipped (HD Only)7420ABrake Vacuum Pump Gas/Diesel – If Equipped (DS 1500 Only)7410ABackup Alarm – If Equipped (HD Only)7510AATMM / Coil-SCR Module RLY– If Equipped (HD Only) Coolant Temperature Valve – If Equipped (DS 1500 Only)7610AElectronic Stability Control (HD Only) Brake System Module / Stop Lamp Switch / Electric Park Brake / Clutch Pedal Switch (DS 1500 Only)7710ADrivetrain Control Module / Front Axle Disconnect Module / TCM (HD Only) Drivetrain Control Module / ELSD / Front Axle Disconnect Module / Transmission Control Relay / RDM / Power Take Off Unit – If Equipped (DS 1500 Only)7810AEngine Control Module / Powertrain Control Module / Electric Power Steering (DS 1500 Only)7815AEngine Control Module / Powertrain Control Module / AEB RACM MOD / Feed To AUX PDC Relay Coils/ HRLS (HD Only)7915AID / Clearance Lights8010AUniversal Garage Door Opener / Compass / Anti-Intrusion Module (DS 1500 Only) ASSY Overhead Console / SW Assist / SW 911 – If Equipped (HD Only)8120ATrailer Tow Right Turn / Stop Lights - If Equipped8210ASteering Column Control Module / Cruise Control83-No Connection8415AASBM / HVAC / ICS / Rear Heated Seat Switches8510AAirbag Module8610AAirbag Module8710AAir Suspension / ITBM / Steering Column Control Module / MOD Gateway CAN-C Trailer TPM (HD Only) Air Suspension / Trailer Tow / DC/DC Converter (Voltage Stabilizer) / Steering Column Control Module / Occupant Classification Sensor (DS 1500 Only)8815AInstrument Panel Cluster90/9120AIGN or BATT Customer Selectable – If Equipped (HD Only) Power Outlet (Rear Seats) Customer Selectable (DS 1500 Only)9320ACigar Lighter - If Equipped9410AShift-By-Wire / Transfer Case Switch (DS 1500 Only) Shift-By-Wire / Transfer Case Switch / Module TPM Trailer (HD Only) / Module Gateway Can-C Trailer TPM (HD Only)9510ARearview Camera / Park Assist / CHMSL Camera / Blind Spot Sensor / Surround View Camera (HD Only) Rear Camera / Park Assist / Blind Spot Sensor / Compass (DS 1500 Only)9610ARear Seat Heater Switch / Trunk Lamp With Flashlamp Charger / Truck Lamp - If Equipped (DS 1500 Only) Trailer Camera – If Equipped (HD Only)9725ARear Heated Seats And Heated Steering Wheel – If Equipped (DS 1500 Only)9720AFront Heated Seat Passenger – If Equipped (HD Only)9825AFront Heated Seats – If Equipped (DS 1500 Only)9820AFront Heated Seat Driver – If Equipped (HD Only)9910AHVAC / DASM (DS 1500 Only) HVAC / In-Car Temperature Sensor / CSG MOD (HD Only)10010AUpfitters – If Equipped (HD Only)10115ASSV Only10120ARear Heated Seat Right (HD Only)10220ARear Heated Seat Left / Run RLY #3 Coil (HD Only)10310AHeadLamp AFLS (HD Only)10420APower Outlets (Instrument Panel / Center Console) / Trunk – If Equipped (DS 1500 Only) UCI Port / USB Rear (HD Only)
Dodge Ram 2500 2020 Fuse Box (2024)


How many fuse boxes does a Ram 2500 have? ›

There should be two fuse panels, a TIPM or totally integrated power module located under the hood on the driver's side of the engine, and an interior fuse panel, most likely located below the dash on the driver's side, or behind a compartment located on the driver's side of the dash visible when you open the door.

How many fuse boxes does a 2014 Ram 1500 have? ›

The vehicle's fuses are located in two fuse boxes. The interior fuse box is underneath the steering column. The under-hood fuse box is in the engine compartment next to the battery.

Where is the fuse box in a 2015 Ram 1500? ›

Both fuse boxes for the 2015 Dodge Ram 1500 can be located under the hood on the drivers side or right-hand side of the engine bay. The first one sits against the firewall, towards the front of the bay, before the 1500's battery. The lid will snap off to reveal a fuse diagram on the underside of the cover.

Are there 2 fuse boxes? ›

How many fuse boxes does a car have? Usually, you will find two fuse boxes in the car. One is located under the hood and the other is found in the dashboard or near the steering wheel.

What is the capacity of a fuse box? ›

Most homes operating on a fuse box have a 60-amp total capacity. However, most modern homes have many higher-load devices requiring more amps. The average home operates on 100 to 200 amps. If your electric load has exceeded 60 amps, you might consider upgrading to a circuit breaker.

Where is the secondary fuse box? ›

The secondary under-hood fuse box is next to the battery. To open it, push the tabs as shown. If something electrical in your vehicle stops working, check for a blown fuse first. Determine from the chart on pages and , or the diagram on the fuse box lid, which fuse or fuses control that device.

Where is the inside fuse box? ›

Most vehicles have two fuse boxes, with one under the hood and the other in the cabin. You can usually find the other fuse box in the dashboard on the driver's side, but some manufacturers also place it below the glove box. If the interior fuse box isn't there, you can try checking the luggage compartment.

What does the fuse box control? ›

How Do Fuse Boxes Work? Fuses and circuit breakers are designed to protect your wiring from short circuits. They both work in the same way as they can sense when too much electricity passes through them, so they will open up and stop any current flow.

How many years does a fuse box last? ›

Your electrical panel, while sturdy, isn't immortal. On average, electrical panels have a lifespan of 25–40 years.

What is a TIPM fuse box? ›

A TIPM is an acronym for Totally Integrated Power Module which controls the electrical system in your car. It is a black box made of hard plastic that has power board and fuses inside.

Where is the fuse box in a Dodge Ram? ›

The fuse box is located under the steering wheel, on the driver's side. You will need to remove two 7mm screws to access the fuse box. Once the screws are removed, you can carefully pry open the fuse box cover.

Where is the fuse box on a 2008 Dodge Ram? ›

The fusebox is the box that says "Fuse and Relay Center", near the left front fender of your Dodge. Unscrew the plastic nut that holds the cover of the fusebox in place.

Where are fuse boxes located? ›

Most fuse boxes are in the dashboard on the driver's side. However, keep in mind that the exact location is still dependent on vehicle specifications. Most vehicles have another fuse box under the hood near the battery.

Do some houses have 2 fuse boxes? ›

Most households have one fuse box to control the entire electrical system. However, some houses have more than one to control specific areas of the house. Behind the switches or fuses, an inner panel protects the internal wiring.

How many fuses are in a breaker box? ›

The fuse box supplies power to every electrical system in your home. Fuse boxes have between six and 12 screw-in fuses and cartridge fuses. Depending on how old your home is and if the electrical system is updated, your fuse box will have a 60-amp or 200-amp capacity.


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